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True freedom of speech includes the freedom to call someone a bitch.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana, author of N For Nigger.

However different societies may try to be from one another, at their heart lies that which identifies them more similar than distinguished - an indifference to individuality. We are growing up in a world where the practice of preaching pride and liberty from within cages in which independent thought is subjugated by an abstract concept constructed for the betterment of humankind as a whole has been established as the new “groundbreaking” norm. Actions taken regarding the cautious disuse of those practices which have been labeled “unsafe and unfriendly toward another” has led to an ever-increasing false sense of success when it comes to acknowledging the breakdown of various walls of stereotypes. In the same context, the limelight of notoriety shines brightly upon one such established practice commonly found in any modern society - political correctness.

An interesting aspect to consider when looking at political correctness is how two points from diametrically distinguished social practices happen to concur in its favour. The first of these happens to be a cloudy contradiction between what has been defined as two fundamental rights among human societies - the right to freedom of speech, and the right to liberty. Thanks to how vaguely these terms have been defined in various globally-recognized governmental constitutions, it has become a favourite of those that tend to exploit little gray areas to a ridiculous extent and manage to get away with it; in a different context, this sentence -

verbatim - would have made for a hilarious lawyer joke.

The other practice that superficially contributes to political correctness is the subconscious (and often subtextual) act of pandering. One of the many rational perspectives to take into consideration when it comes to abolishing the act of political correctness is to view how a retarding feedback cycle slows down social progress by inducing unneeded caution. Politically correct actions, otherwise considered as complex pandering, can be boiled down to requiring simple favors in return; does this mean all favours are cowardly, subtextual acts? No. In fact, pandering in itself appears relatively brilliant and cunning when set aside with political correctness, due to its apex distinguishing factor - political correctness demands itself as a favour, which completes the retardation.

In an effort to not get stuck within a loop, here is a breakaway segue - is society a religion?

All words with the suffix '-ism' are the caricature of their root.

Jean Baudrillard in Cool Memories V: 2000 - 2004.

If good things never last and acts of social reformation do, what does that make of social reformation in itself?

One of the more common sights we have witnessed in the past half-century is the ever-increasing number of social movements. What began as humble frustrations against mistreatment built upon foundations undecided by the people themselves (including race, caste, and gender) have now grown into embodiments of arrogance as a consequence of being allowed to grow and loom over all of civilization. A very notorious,

unpopular, and controversial example of such a movement is racism. What began as a protest against the unavailability of opportunities due to the complexion of a person’s skin now stands as a hurdle to those belonging to a family tree consisting of a historically oppressive complexion, thereby ironically supporting racial discrimination. An analogous commentary can be expected in the near future for feminism and other such movements that have outlived their purpose, those existing as cover for people that are too cowardly to take matters up at a level of rational individuality.

To linger around as a hanging burden despite being dry of usefulness is a sign of tradition, a precursor to the notion of religion itself. The very populace that have called out the bullshit on superficial religious statements and incidences are witnesses to lasting traditional practices that are building up in their societies - a religious coup happening right under their noses; nay, our noses. Akin to the concept of a Hydraean creature, every realization is an answer to an existential question, and trailing behind every answer is yet another handful of questions. A wheel of science doubling back on itself, driving all of human progress; a perpetual machine of specific evolution.

The truth about profundity is that there is no profundity to the truth.

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- Vikram Venkat

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