JUNE 2020

Minerva '20 is an intercollegiate virtual literary festival hosted by the Literary Society of the esteemed Crescent Institute of Science & technology. It is conducted in hopes to unite literary enthusiasts from across the globe, igniting the spark of their creativity and giving them a sense of hope and unity in such trying times.


The name, being derived from the Roman Goddess of wisdom, Minerva follows up multiple events in the fields of debate, writing, trivia, and improvisation while also entertaining viewers with programs that include book reviews, poetry reading, and a quarantine themed skit.


Now more than ever hosting events such as these in the mediums provided to us is of utmost importance so as to kindle the spirits of every individual who has stayed home for the past two months, and the subtle sportsmanship and creative venues offered by Minerva will ensure that both participants and onlookers stay sharp, hopeful and imaginative. 


You are cordially invited to take part in the events that will last through the entire month of June. Please find the attached brochure /  check out our Instagram page


for more details.

 View/Download the brochure now! 

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